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EMES is a Consult, Export, Wholesale, Stock handling and Assembling Company, specializing mainly in the trade of Fashion Costume Jewellery, Glass Beads and Components. Our Company is located in The Czech Republic, to be more specific, in Jablonec nad Nisou, in the north of Bohemia. This area has been famous for Glass Producers since XIV Century, through the years it has become a great tradition.

Our company was established in 1993 by Vaclav Svoboda. Emes over the years has been a solid Company in the local Market and reaching different Markets as: Japan, Australia. We follow the newest fashion trends and we consider them for every next season. Visiting foreign fashion jewellery exhibitions is another mission what we do.

We are working with enthusiasm to get more customers to offer our Quality, Kindness and Respect.


Fire polished beads

Fire polished beads are made by a technique of machine faceting and then polishing in an intense heat. Originally they are faceted and polished from machine pressed beads. This process gives the beads their distinctive brilliance and shine which resemble an impression of the gemstones. We talk about beads which are components with a hole used for threading to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other designs.

The glass beads production in Jablonec region is part of the Czech crystal glass tradition which is several centuries old. Not far from Jablonec there is a beautiful natural area so called Czech paradise where in those times of few centuries ago the semi-precious stones (Bohemian garnet, Opal) were mined. So these two traditional Czech industries were interconnected.

We offer Fire polished beads in more than 20 shapes like so called olives, rounds, spirals, bicones, cubes, drops, ovals, turbines, etc. in sizes of 2 to 22mm and in various colors from transparent, opaque, opal to combined or coated (like waxed, metal plated or color-through etc.). You will find a broad offer in our e-shop.


Machine Pressed Beads

They are made by pressing the glass. Large number of combinations of shapes, colors and sizes of these beads give us all a chance to choose the right design for the specific opportunity. In our offer there are hundreds of shapes like leaves, hearts, drops, rocail, cubes, spikes, rounds; geometrical, natural or fantasy shapes. The sizes can go from 2 to 38mm. They are produced in a big range of colors from transparent, opaque, opal, satin, alabaster to combined or mixed. Huge quantity of colors is more intensified by possible coatings (tens of metal plating, wax or color-through etc.). These machine pressed beads of any color have the advantage of resembling the precious stones (Agate, Opal etc.).